Corporation of the Seven Wardens Camp #4: Iron Ring Replacement Form

Note: are indicate with a red outline. The information we ask for helps us eliminate any ambiguities and verify your obligation. If you're unsure of anything, make your best estimate; the Comments field is a good place to add explanatory information.

Some information about you.

Your First name(s) and Last name* (at the time you were obligated (e.g. what's on your Certificate)):

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* (Note: 1/2 sizes are normally stocked. 1/4 sizes are available on special order up to size 2-1/4)

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Confirmation/Permission and Submit

  • I confirm that I am an obligated engineer, and also consent to the collection and use of the information I have provided in this form, in accordance with
    Kipling Camp #4's Privacy Policy), for the purpose of providing a ring replacement.


    Note: After you submit this form, you will be taken to the "Replacement" page where you can make an electronic payment ($20 CDN). You should receive a confirmation email shortly.
    If either of these are missing, try again or contact the Camp Secretary