Online Ceremony #148 Update (Apr 19, 2021)

This is information pertains to the online (“virtual”) ceremony held Mar 20, 2021, and is the latest information available.  Please check back for updates.

  • May 24: Exchange period now ended: Please contact the camp Secretary if you still need exchange assistance.

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Payment for (candidates only):

General Information for Candidates

Note:Receiving and wearing an iron ring is a long-standing Canadian tradition.  This is not directly an indication of your graduation, or your professional status. Iron rings are bestowed by Kipling Camps (not the university or the professional associations), at a special Ceremony.  The qualification to participate in an Iron Ring Ceremony and receive a ring is, in part, that you have graduated (or are about to graduate) from an accredited engineering program in Canada, or equivalent. Only undergraduate degrees are accredited and accepted as academic qualification.  If your undergraduate degree is not from an accredited program in Canada, we defer to the professional associations to determine equivalence.  In Saskatchewan, we will consider a candidate qualified, academically, if their academic qualifications have been vetted and accepted for professional membership in APEGS (The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan) as an Engineer in Training or a Professional Engineer.  Postgraduate degrees are not, in themselves, sufficient qualification to attend a Ceremony.

The Ceremony and the Obligation:

The purpose of this section is to enlighten potential candidates about the ceremony, and the purpose of the iron ring prior to participation in the ceremony.  During the dismissal, the Senior Supervising Engineer (S.S.E.) of the Camp will remind you that “…while these … are no mystery, they are neither for the Public nor the Press.”  I ask that you treat the information provided here in confidence for the purpose for which it is intended: to allow you to make an informed decision beforehand concerning your participation in the ceremony and your reciting of the “obligation”.

To receive an iron ring, you must participate in a ceremony conducted by one of the Kipling Camps in Canada (no rings are given in absentia).  Participation is strictly voluntary; it is not a requirement of your educational institution nor the Provincial professional licensing authority, nor will it affect your qualifications or your ability to practice.  The following extracts from the Camp Procedures explain the intent:

“The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer has been instituted with the simple end of directing the young engineer towards a consciousness of this profession and its significance, and indicating to older engineers their responsibilities in receiving, welcoming and supporting the younger engineers in their beginnings.” (Manual of Camp Procedure, V2.0, Dec 2014, p3-8)

“Their participation may increase their own moral fortitude and help to create a bond between them and the many other engineers with whom they may work during their professional careers. (Manual of Camp Procedure, V2.0, Dec 2014, p3-8)

The ceremony itself, written by Rudyard Kipling in the 1920’s, used the language and many Judeo‑Christian references common in Canadian culture at the time.  It is not intended as a religious, ceremony; the language is retained merely to respect the tradition and origins of the ceremony and the spirit in which it was conceived.

The ceremony in which you would receive an iron ring involves the recitation of an obligation, somewhat akin to an oath, which you must take before receiving an iron ring.  The wording of the obligation retains the original language, but should be viewed as it was originally intended, as explained above. The intent of the obligation carries no religious connotations, only that you agree to uphold the highest standard of professional conduct to the best of your ability.  If you accept the intent and spirit of this obligation and the spirit in which it is taken, you are welcome to attend, participate, and receive an iron ring as a reminder of your obligation.  If you are not comfortable with any part, you should feel no pressure to participate and are free to decline or to reflect on it and attend another ceremony at some time in the future.  If you would like to review the specific wording of the Obligation before making your decision, please contact the Camp Secretary (see the Contact page).

For online ceremonies, confirmation of the candidates’ recitation of the obligation and participation will need to be done in non-traditional ways.

Ceremony Logistics:

Online (“virtual”) ceremonies carry their own set of challenges for meeting the requirements of the Corporation of the Seven Wardens’ “Guidelines for Camp Practice”.  Any ceremonies conducted by Camp 4 (Sasaktoon) will follow the latest guidelines and practices available.  

Here is a summary of the modified procedures that may affect your experience at an online ceremony:

  • Registration will be substantially the same except that we will ask for a mailing address for mailing your ring after the ceremony is complete.
  • The email address you provide in your registration will be used to send you information about how to register with the online service provider for the virtual event.  Your attendance will be keyed to this same email address; ensure you use the same one you provided in your registration form for us.
  • In order to verify your attendance and participation, we will monitor your active connection (above) and also, at some point(s) during the ceremony, ask you to respond to a question(s) to also confirm your active participation.
  • There is a important point during the ceremony when we ask candidates to “take hold” of the chain which is connected to the anvil and all other candidates as they recite the obligation.  During a virtual ceremony, we will have the chain connected to the electronic equipment where the ceremony is physically being held and ask candidates to place their hand on the device through which they are attending while they recite the obligation.  Make sure you are set up to comply with this requirement.
  • Following the ceremony, and after we have verified your attendance, participation and payment of the required fee, we will mail your certificate, a wallet card with the obligation text, and your ring to the address provided. 
  • Ring mis-sizing under these circumstances is not uncommon, especially for those not used to wearing a ring.  Ring size exchanges can be made (at no charge). Finger sizes change over time: from morning to night, from season to season and over the years.  We ask that you wait up to one week, especially if your ring is “close”, to help determine if your ring is really too large or too small.  Watch our web site for information on size exchanges (which will include by mail, and possible in person).
  • Please use the “connection test” period to make sure you can maintain a stable connection to the server site.  This will help ensure the ceremony proceeds smoothly and without interruptions. 

Online Registration and Payment:

Registration usually opens about one month before the ceremony, however for an online ceremony we expect to start registration earlier to allow time to communicate with candidates to prepare for the event and resolve any unforeseen issues.  When registration is open, you will see a “Register Now” button below this frame.  Click to open the registration form.  After you press Submit on the form, you should be taken to a confirmation page which has instructions and links for online payments (credit card preferred; see main “Ceremonies” page for PayPal link).  For an online ceremony, electronic forms of payment are strongly preferred and may be necessary (e.g. PayPal, credit card or INTERAC).  (Note: if you do not receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting your registration, please check i) your spam/junk folders, or ii) that your are checking the same email address you provided on the form.  These are almost always the reasons.  If it still can’t be found, contact us.)