Our Privacy Statement:

Who we are and what we do

Camp #4, Saskatoon  SK, (Camp #4, or Camps) under the oversight of The Corporation of the Seven Wardens Inc. (the Corporation) are volunteer organizations that bestow iron rings to qualified candidates (graduate engineers) in special ceremonies called “The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer”. We also provide replacement ring services to our alumni.  We collect personal information to provide these services and are committed to protecting that information and your right to privacy.  This statement describes how we will do so, and how you can interact with us concerning your personal information.

The information we may collect from you and how we will use it

We will request personal information in order to process and qualify candidates for iron ring ceremonies.  This may include: your name; contact information including your mailing address, email address and phone number; your ring size. We may also ask for your consent to contact other parties, and share the necessary personal information with them, to allow us to verify your qualification (e.g. educational institutions, professional association, references). We use this to ensure that all candidates will meet the qualification criteria, to provide candidates with relevant information about the ceremony and to plan the logistics. We may also ask for similar information for some guests (such as special presenters) to determine their eligibility to perform certain special functions at the ceremony.  For logistics planning, we may also request the names of any other guests.

To provide replacement rings to our alumni we may ask for your contact information, the year in which you were obligated, your engineering discipline and your ring size.  We use this information to fulfill and deliver your replacement.

Note that we may also collect a payment from you for either of these services.  If online electronic payment choices are available, such as credit card payment, and you choose to make your payment in this way, please consult the privacy policy of any third-party providers for this option.

How we store and protect your information

Camp #4 will temporarily retain the personal information required to organize and conduct ceremonies and to provide replacement rings.  Camp #4 may permanently retain a record of your obligation which may also include your engineering discipline and ring size. Camp data may be stored on volunteer’s own or their employer’s personal computers and is secured using whatever methods are chosen by our volunteers or their employers.  At a minimum, access is typically password protected.  It may also be stored, for convenience, in a cloud service [in Canada].  Additional Camp volunteers and assistants may also be granted access for the purposes cited above.  The information is collected via an online or paper form when required.  Online services will be hosted on a secure server which will also respect you right to privacy.

The corporation also independently maintains a minimal amount of information on each alumnus in a data bank on a secure server located in Canada.  This includes: your name, the number of the Camp and the year in which you were obligated and optionally, your ring size.  This information is secured by providing password-protected access to select individuals within the corporation and in each Camp for the purpose of verifying your obligation to provide replacement rings and collecting non-identifiable statistics.  The information to update and maintain this database may be uploaded over the internet by the individual Camps.

None of your personal information is ever disclosed or shared outside the corporation or the Camps where it is used exclusively, and only when necessary, for the purposes identified above.

How long we keep your information and how we remove it

All temporary data used by the Camps (for the purposes of planning and conducting ceremonies, providing replacement rings or collecting non-identifiable statistics) is securely deleted from any computers, storage services and all backups after no more than thirteen months after it is acquired.

Obligation information, required for the purpose of providing replacements is kept in the corporation’s national database and local Camp’s databases (i.e. two locations and associated backups) indefinitely. This information is required for the purpose of verifying your obligation if you request a replacement ring.

How can you interact with us regarding your personal information

If you have any questions about the personal data we have retained about you, you may make a request of us by email at ‘replacements@camp4.ironring.ca’ or by post at: ‘P.O. Box 22036, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 5P1’.  We will respond to your inquiry and answer your questions provided you are able to adequately verify your identity.  We will correct any factual errors you may bring to our attention.  If you are not satisfied with our response, or need assistance, you may contact the Corporation through ‘ironring.ca’ or you may also contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at if you have a complaint about our response or our practices.